Way of Nature WA

deep experience = deep learning

Now a certified guide with Way of Nature International, I am running immersive nature retreats that take Slow principles and practices to a profound level.

The Way of Nature has 3 core intents:

  1. To assist in the recognition of Source Awareness as the liberating, foundational nature of ourselves
  2. To open and deepen the experience of communion with all of life (outer nature)
  3. To help reveal our unique core purpose for coming into this life and how to fulfill that purpose

The Way of Nature is all-denominational, centring on the common ground that connects the major spiritual traditions. The processes have been selected over decades of exploration and personal practice by founder, John P. Milton. He has refined a cutting-edge system for effectively working with inner and outer nature.

The centre-piece of the retreats are solo time in nature, ranging from an hour or so on the day programs to 7-9 day solos on the Sacred Passages. Prior to the solo time you are guided through a series of easy to learn meditation and qi gong practices that work with the support of nature to open you to deeper levels of understanding and connection.

Some feedback from past participants:

“Thanks Claire! I had a great time – it was really calming but also really thought provoking. As a deep thinker I really like that! Also fantastic meeting great people! I think I’ve been having more moments of ‘presence’ since Saturday which is good too.” Andrew, Day of Natural Renewal Participant 2014

In modern times with unlimited distractions, where our senses are blunted and energy depleted, we must create the space and time to allow reflection and inner work and enable the realisation of our potential to be a Weapon of Mass Creation. The most important learning is not what happens through working something out in your head, but through experience and praxis.

Upcoming retreats and experiential programs: