Facilitation and Engagement

I have experience working in health, non-profit, energy and transport sectors. Over time I realised that I ‘get’ the people stuff more than most. Not only that, but I can combine the intellectual understanding with the ability to be the person standing up in front of groups of people, engaging, inspiring and leading a workshop process. I have a particular skill in understanding and weaving together the soft systems (the people) with the hard systems (infrastructure, processes and projects). Moreover, I love it. I came to appreciate that good decisions that deliver the most value are a result of a comprehensive, well-planned and well-documented process that involves multiple stakeholders.

A facilitator enables groups to do their best thinking, clearing the path to breakthroughs and agreements usually obscured by groups norms, power dynamics, biases and self-censorship. A facilitator does not do the work for the group, but like grease on a chain, supports the group in its tasks.

Facilitation is particularly relevant to utilise in these kinds of scenarios:

  • There are many different stakeholders with diverse and sometimes conflicting perspectives
  • Participants have varying levels of power and group norms promote deference to authority instead of collaborative decision-making
  • Problem situations are complex and there are many uncertainties
  • There is a goal to maximise the ‘people’ experience for example to build trust and connections
  • Groups are stuck in the face of tough issues

Typical facilitated events include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Idea generation
  • Innovation and design workshops
  • Staff engagement and collaboration
  • Decision-making processes
  • Project strategy development
  • Adult learning
  • Conflict resolution
  • Conference participation
  • Retreats

An important point to note is that true change rarely occurs through a one-off event. Weapons of Mass Creation focuses on work that will make a difference and provides services that maximise outcomes prior to and following an event, or series of events. Contact us to discuss how facilitation may help your group and stakeholder work.