What to expect on a Quest

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What to expect on a Quest

Perhaps you are feeling a pull to do a Quest and are wondering why on earth that is? What actually happens when you are out there? For most people, the prospect of spending 4 days and nights in one spot, fasting, with no distractions is well outside the realm of anything they have done before so no wonder it is difficult to know what to expect.

I’ll begin this by stating that expectations are not particularly helpful. It is not bad to have them – it is pretty hard to avoid having them – just don’t cling too tightly to them. The most important thing is to remain open and receptive to what this sacred time brings. Not knowing what to expect is a wonderful state to be in!

Every single person’s experience is completely unique, however there are observable patterns and types of experiences that I can share with you to help you get a feel for why this is profoundly different to going camping by yourself for a few days.

The typical pattern of a Quest begins with a period of deep rest. With no harsh stimulation and immersed in the wonderfully regenerating energies of nature, most people coming from a typical urban life will crash for the first day or two, the body’s system soaking up the opportunity to finally deeply rest. In this time as well your senses unwind, open and refine. You’ll find yourself naturally developing a much finer presence as your senses can rest in the details and whispers of nature.

After that is when the juiciness really begins. After a period of stillness, the blocks i.e. the experiences that have been frozen inside of you, being to move to come to the surface to be released and healed. And with no distractions you have set yourself up to stay with the process. You may experience vivid dreams as these blocks are processed. Or you may experience thoughts, sensations or emotions in the physical and energetic body that are associated with those blocks. Don’t expect that this will be easy! But of course it is turbo-charged healing so just go with it.

Also around this time towards the mid-end part of your Quest, the crazy, magical, never-look at the world the same again stuff happens. This can be in the form of messages through synchronicities, animals or other help/displays from nature. I am not going to give too many details here because I don’t want these kinds of experiences to define your idea of what is a ‘successful’ Quest. Sometimes the most important shifts might be so subtle that you don’t realise it until later. These things are possible and for me the real value in them is showing you that there is so much more available in your relationship with nature and spirit than the worldview we inherent ever allows us to see.

The end phase, depending on how well you are keeping present rather than daydreaming about food, often involves seeing beauty all around you, in all the small things. Your heart is wide open and filled with gratitude. You may also find yourself deeply questioning the foundation of your identity and view of reality. But that’s healthy, so go with that too.

The Quest doesn’t end when you step out of your Quest circle. It may take many months for the direct results to unfold. The integration time following the Quest can be bumpy because you are rapidly bringing yourself into alignment with who you truly are. So, some things may need to leave your life or new things come in. Underlying it all however is a heart more open and a sense of identity rooted more firmly in the vast, unwavering potential that you are so you have greater strength and capacities to embrace it all.

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