Treehouse Bodywork

Thai massage, Ayurveda, shamanic healing in Fremantle! In recent years I discovered a real passion for helping cultivate the conditions in others that allow them to thrive and be at their full potential. As part of that, I have returned to my roots in Health and I am offering services in Thai bodywork, yoga and Ayurveda (in the Thaivedic system) and other holistic modalities. Not only that but I am offering them from my gorgeous Treehouse studio! As a launch special, all Facebook page likers get $10 off any service until the end of Feb. Currently, I am managing Treehouse Bodywork through the Facebook page, so head over there for more info or to make a booking

Treehouse Bodywork provides a truly holistic health service, addressing all the ‘bodies’ that make up the human being. I offer:
– Thaivedic Bodywork and Yoga Therapy, a combination of Thai massage, yoga and Ayurveda
– Plant Spirit Healing
– core shamanic healing

My training is with: (the Foundation for Shamanic Studies)



A bit history: I have a Bachelor degree in Occupational Therapy and Post-Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion. I left the traditional ‘health’ fields several years ago, not really feeling like this was how I was meant to contribute to the world. I moved into sustainability and eventually merged that with the spiritual path and now offers modern vision quests and spirituality in nature programs – see Way of Nature WA She also founded The Slow Project and is doing a PhD on ‘The Slow Movement and the Rediscovery of the Ecological Self.’ The Way of Nature work opened a new appreciation for the value of individual healing. The ethos of Treehouse Bodywork is very much grounded in the realisation that true healing is healing for all of life.