Why Slow

the deeper motivation

The valuing of ‘fast’ above all else is a serious systemic issue. Many people are willing to embrace the alternative as the depleting effects of this addiction such as burnout, distractibility, sub-optimal problem-solving, harm to relationships and environment etc are realised. The Slow meme has taken roots and is ready to spread. Just look at all the topics Slow has been applied to. Something important is happening.

all these things have been pre-fixed with 'Slow'!

all these things have been pre-fixed with ‘Slow’!

I am passionate about the subject because I truly believe it has incredible transformation power at many levels. You can read about how I have come to this conclusion here. The beauty of Slow is that it is built on a foundation on presence and mindfulness which leads to sustainable behaviour as people reconnect to who they are and what they believe in, experience more empathy with others and a deeper connection to the planet. The difference to other behavioural sustainability projects is that Slow is inviting, non-threatening and will not turn people off at first glance. It is elegant in its simplicity while conveying an incredible richness. There is something in it for everyone and relates to felt issues. If you’re curious as to what is meant by ‘Slow’, read here.

This project is not aiming to get people to go slow all the time; rather to develop an awareness of when and how to do so, re-finding balance that is so important to the thriving of personal, human and natural ecosystems. My theory of change is that once people learn skills in utilising presence and intention and experience how valuable slowing down can be, then those skills and that understanding will be transferred to others areas of their lives.