The Slow Project

Presence : Connection : Wholeness : Balance

First expressed via Slow Food, ‘Slow’ is popping up in many areas of life (Slow Travel, Slow Thinking, Slow Money, Slow Design, Slow Medicine etc)  as a response to the impacts that the false god of speed has on ourselves, others and the planet. The pace that modern life dictates presents many challenges to our health and wellbeing, relationships, creativity, problem-solving, the functioning of groups and has impacts beyond humanity in the rest of the natural world. With speed comes increasing stress and fraying of connection to ourselves, others and the planet. The Slow Movement seeks to restore balance.

Slow is elegant in its simplicity while conveying profoundly important concepts. When you embrace Slow principles in your life and work you find ease, joy, aliveness in every moment and with your enhanced presence are a more effective leader, change maker, problem solver. Relationships benefit from your greater ability to understand, appreciate and communicate with other people.

What started as a social change project with me experimenting on myself has turned into my current PhD topic.

I bring Slow principles to Weapons of Mass Creation to enhance you and your team’s ability to create and contribute.

Read more about why I am devoting myself to this project in this blog post or head on over to The Slow Project Facebook page.

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