A Note From Claire

Why Weapons of Mass Creation? Because I love seeing people’s eyes bright and clear when they are being themselves, connected and aligned with the rest of life. We can only shine when we realise our true nature as a connected being and are aligned with our purpose as a player on the team of life.

I have a background in health and worked as an Occupational Therapist and in health promotion. I found myself focussing on behaviour change, positive psychology and the social determinants of health; discovering that I love working out what makes people and communities tick and utilising that for positive change.

Before long my passion for tackling issues affecting the planet drew me towards creating my own social change project, Cycling for Cohesion. I rode my bike from Mexico to Argentina, collecting stories from people doing something to make the world a better place. The purpose was to use these stories to explain some concepts that I felt were very important to deep sustainability issues including social capital, social enterprise and what gives humans long-lasting happiness.

Through that project I realised that at a fundamental level I was working on getting people activated; encouraging people to work out what is important to them, take the first steps, and participating as a citizen. I also realised that I was doing the hard yards trying to create stuff other people had already thought of and had been working on for decades so I thought it would be a good idea if I returned to Australia and studied. So I did, and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Studies while transitioning my career into engagement and facilitation.

Weapons of Mass Creation arises from my strong belief that people are able to achieve great things when working together whether it be as a work team, community group, or society. The cheeky play on words is deliberate. I am unashamedly driven and fierce in my belief in the importance of collaboration and empowerment. I also bring an ability to see things from different perspectives into my work and find great satisfaction in helping groups deliver innovation.

I have experience in settings from Health in metro, rural and remote areas, major infrastructure projects, community groups and not-for-profits. Work has included facilitating deliberative workshops to enable community member input to government policy development and infrastructure project decisions, internal workshops for project strategy development, options generation, options analysis and decision-making processes, facilitating small and large-scale community events, evaluation and lessons-learnt workshops, strategic planning and community-forming events.

In line with my sustainability and social enterprise focus, I am also a Director of the Fremantle Wind Farm Cooperative and founder of The Slow Project.

I am a certified guide with the Way of Nature, an organisation offering wilderness programs that facilitate a deeper connection with inner and outer nature as well as open participants up to the upwelling of creativity and purpose that comes from this communion with all of life. Head on over to the Way of Nature website to find out more. Much of my learning about Slow has come through engaging with the Way of Nature processes.

Qualifications include:

  • Graduate Diploma in Sustainability Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion
  • BSc (Occupational Therapy and Business Administration) with Honours
  • Nature Quest Guide with Way of Nature
  • 200hr Holistic Yoga Therapy and Bodywork with Thaivedic
  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute
  • Shamanic Practitioner training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

PhD in sustainability related to cultural sociology, ecopsychology and spirituality underway!