Weapons of Mass Creation

Weapons of Mass Creation offers services in facilitation, strategy development and innovation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and engagement, plus experiential workshops and retreats so that people can do their best work in connection to Self, others and nature.

Development and Wellness

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervenor.” Based on our unique Slow principles framework, workshops and courses are offered to help you with internal transformation that lays the foundation for you to be a powerful presence. read more.

Way of Nature WA

In modern times with unlimited distractions, where our senses are blunted and energy depleted, we must create the space and time to allow reflection and inner work and enable the realisation of our potential to be a Weapon of Mass Creation. The most important learning is not what happens through working something out in your head, but through experience and praxis. read more.

Facilitation and Engagement

Weapons of Mass Creation specialises in enabling groups and diverse stakeholders to discover collective goals, harness creativity, wisdom and passion and develop clear, effective strategies to tackle complex problems. Strategic planning, workshops, engagement events, collaboration and innovation initiatives, conferences and meetings will be transformed with Weapons of Mass Creation’s facilitation services laced with passion, strategic thinking and creativity. read more.